Visit Argentina


In an online meeting led by Executive Secretary Ricardo Sosa, INPROTUR, the Argentine Embassy in Chile and Aerolíneas Argentinas agreed to work along with 25 Chilean tour operators and travel agencies, who showed their enthusiasm about Argentina reopening its borders.

With over 1,1 million tourists in 2019, Chile ranked second in arrivals of international travelers in Argentina. Thus, Chile being a key market for Argentine inbound tourism, promoting our destinations becomes a priority to foster the arrival of travelers from the trans-Andean country.

To accomplish this mission, the National Bureau of Tourism Promotion (INPROTUR), led by Executive Secretary Ricardo Sosa, held an online meeting with around 25 professionals of the tourism sector in Chile, who were eager and ready to sell Argentine tourist destinations.

“The purpose of the meeting was to tell the Chilean tourism sector that we are ready to work with them and assist them with all necessary tools so they can promote Argentina in the best possible way. With the reopening of our borders, we aim at turning the Chilean market into one of the leaders of tourism recovery in our country”, Sosa pointed out.

Indeed, one of the main topics discussed was the reopening of Argentine borders for tourists from neighboring countries (Chile, among them). It should be remembered that, during the first opening stage, tourists were only allowed to fly to BA and visit the Metropolitan area of the Argentine capital. To enter the country, they are required to submit an electronic sworn statement no later than 48 hours prior to embarking, a negative PCR certificate no later than 72 hours in advance, and a medical insurance certificate including COVID-19 hospitalization and isolation coverage.

Another major topic of discussion was air connectivity. Although the main incoming route for Chileans is by land (67 per cent), 32 per cent enters our country by air. In this respect, at the moment and till December 10, there are 18 weekly flights offered by 4 airlines (Aerolíneas Argentinas with 6, LATAM 7, Sky Airline 3 and Jet Smart 2) operating flights between Argentina and Chile. The good news is that, as from December 11, weekly frequency will be up to 27 flights.