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The renowned American actor, who shot The Revenant -the film for which he got an Oscar Award- in Ushuaia, posted a video on his Instagram account highlighting reintroduction of jaguars in complete freedom in one of the large natural areas of our country.

At the end of 2018, when Argentina authorized the creation of the Iberá National Park, respect for local wildlife and vegetation as well as the preservation of this remarkable natural area were the major challenges. Located in the Province of Corrientes, northeast of the Argentine Republic, this magnificent reserve has an area of nearly 160 thousand hectares and is one of the main attractions in the Litoral region.

To protect and enhance the quality of environmental life, another major goal was to reintroduce the jaguar, one of the most representative species of our land, in complete freedom.

Following intensive work by authorities and professional of all the country and by the Argentina Rewilding Foundation, after 70 years, two young cubs –Karai and Porá- 4 months old, and their mother, Mariua, were released into the park, a historical event in nature, not only in Argentina but all around the world as well.

This major event caught the attention of Leonardo Di Caprio, the Hollywood star and winner of an Oscar Award for his role in the film The Revenant, a part of which was shot in Ushuaia, capital city of the Province of Tierra del Fuego, Antarctica and South Atlantic Islands, known as the End of the World.

The popular actor highlighted the commitment of Corrientes with apost on his Instagram account, in which Di Caprio explains that the cubs were released a few days ago in the above-mentioned National Park and that after seven decades they can be free and return to the heart of the Iberá.

In the words of the National Bureau for Tourism Promotion (INPROTUR)’s Executive Secretary Ricardo Sosa: “Argentina is a synonym of nature and respect for the environment. We are proud that such world-famous celebrities as Leonardo Di Caprio highlight the work done in our country and encourage us to keep doing it. In the future, tourism will demand many natural spaces and our destinations are fully prepared to meet that requirement”.

The Iberá National Park – located in the Iberá region and the second largest wetland in the world – was donated by the Conservation Land Trust (CLT) and Flora y Fauna Argentina foundations, and is among the over 550 thousand hectares of wetland of the neighboring Iberá Provincial Park. The initiative of the donation was pushed forward by Douglas Tompkins and his wife Kristine McDivitt, the founders of the CLT. Iberá comprises around 4 thousand species of wildlife and plants, which accounts for almost 30 per cent of the species recognized in Argentina. Currently, Colonia Carlos Pellegrini, Concepción de Yaguareté Corá, Ituzaingó and San Miguel offer excellent activities and accommodation to live an unparalleled experience by the wetlands.