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Just as Leonardo DiCaprio praised the preservation of nature in this recognized reserve in Corrientes, the province of the Litoral announced that both the National Park and Provincial Park areas can be visited Monday through Monday, from 6.30am to 8:00 pm.

Just a few days ago, the Province of Corrientes made headlines around the world due to Leonardo DiCaprio’s enhancement of respect for nature by the Argentine authorities when releasing a complete family of jaguars back to the Iberá Wetlands.

As this news impacted the whole world, the province of the Litoral region, in line with the tourism rebound work throughout the country, spread the good news, once more in Iberá. This week, it announced the opening of all accesses to the area that makes up this wonderful wetland, the second largest in the world.

“The big effort made by all Argentinians continues giving exciting news. The fact that all access portals to Iberá are open means more and better opportunities for Corrientes and for the entire Litoral region. Since this place has fabulous natural areas, which will be highly demanded by tourism in the future, it will welcome a huge number of international travelers once allowed by the sanitary conditions. We must point out the provincial authorities’ effort to offer these spaces of nature to Argentine tourists, and we are sure that, when the sanitary situation allows it and frontiers are open again, many international tourists will choose this destination as well”, assessed Ricardo Sosa, Executive Secretary of the National Bureau for Tourism Promotion (INPROTUR).

This way, this masterpiece of nature can be visited and enjoyed every day from the Cambyretá, Galarza, Laguna Iberá, Capivari, Río Corriente, Carambola, Mburucuyá, San Nicolás and San Antonio accesses, from 6:30 am to 8:00 pm.

Visitors will previously have to ask for a tourist permit issued by the Corrientes’ Management System of Quarantine (Sistema de Gestión de Cuarentena de la Provincia de Corrientes – SiGeCC). Once they arrive at the chosen access, visitors will need to show the above- mentioned permit (which can be printed, or downloaded on a mobile device) together with their ID. In case the visit takes several days, a daily permit will be required.

Regarding the National Park’s accesses, only up to 100 people a day will be allowed in each portal, while to access the Provincial Park only groups of up to 6 people will be allowed, and it will be necessary to hire a tour guide.

It is advisable to apply for Tourist Permits between 48 and 72 hours prior to the visit, to guarantee the required number of permits are obtained. For further information, send a WhatsApp message to +54 379 438-7793, or an email to [email protected]