Visit Argentina


INPROTUR’s Executive Secretary Ricardo Sosa met with Aldo Elías, President of the Argentine Chamber of Tourism (CAT) to arrange details regarding Argentina’s participation in Fitur (Spain) and Anato (Colombia) and in the International Congress of Argentine Tourism (CITA) as part of the joint work being done between the public and private sectors.

The CAT is INPROTUR’s strategic ally in the international tourism promotion and positioning actions, and the fairs in Spain and Colombia are regarded as the kickoff for the recovery of world tourism in the near future, which will surely be accompanied by the sanitary permissions granted in every country, the deployment of the vaccination plans and consequently the decision of each territory to reopen their borders.  

Both officials highlighted that the presence of Argentina in these events is important to build relationships with foreign businessmen that are also waiting for the right time to allow tourists to visit our country, as well as to work with a clear future objective.

It is worth noting that Argentina is Anato’s guest country and hence our territory will be the one to gain the most visibility in the fair as a result of the work done by INPROTUR.

At the same time, some steps have also been taken to confirm the contents of the International Congress of Argentine Tourism (CITA), which will be held from May 12 to 14 and will raise a good deal of interest from the tourism community in Argentina.

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