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The LGBTQ+ Tourism Awareness and Virtual Training Program created by INPROTUR and CCGLAR will be a comprehensive cycle of 24 virtual workshops – one for each district of our territory – and 6 face-to-face workshops aimed at federalizing the proposal of one of the major tourism segments of our country.

The current COVID-19 pandemic has changed the habits and rules all over the world and, of course, the tourism industry was not alien to such changes. With travelling paralyzed, the sector had to reinvent itself to raise new resources and be ready for the time when the situation gest back to normal.

For the purpose of keeping Argentina’s position and further leveraging our leadership in the LGBT Tourism sector, the National Bureau of Tourism Promotion (INPROTUR) and the LGBT Argentine Chamber of Commerce (CCGLAR) will develop a major nationwide LGBTQ+ Tourism Awareness and Virtual Training Program.

Aimed at federalizing and enhancing the proposal of a segment that gives excellent annual benefits to the national tourism industry, the program will be divided into 24 virtual workshops –one for each province plus the City of Buenos Aires- and 6 face-to-face workshops– the venues and dates are still to be defined.

As Minister of Tourism and Sports of Argentina Matías Lammens pointed out: “This innovative proposal is particularly exciting because it includes the key cornerstones of our administration: education, co-operation between the public and private sectors, federalism and generation of new more inclusive experiences for everyone”.

INPROTUR’s Executive Secretary Ricardo Sosa added: “This program that INPROTUR and CCGLAR are proud to introduce has been developed following the guidelines given to us by Minister of Tourism and Sports and president of INPROTUR Matias Lammens and is yet another example of the joint work between the public and private sectors, aimed at consolidating the positioning of Argentine destinations for LGBTQ local and foreign travelers, at a federal scale.”.

It is worth mentioning that those service providers that attend the workshops and keep their commitment of ensuring LGBTQ+ inclusive experiences and generating an atmosphere of hospitality and respect for diversity will be awarded the TODXS BIENVENIDXS [EVERYBODY WELCOME] stamp.

It should be pointed out that Argentina is the LGBT Tourism leader in Latin America and one of the destinations most commonly selected by this community. A great deal of these achievements is the result of the joint work that INPROTUR and CCGLAR have been doing for over 10 years.

Those interested in participating can send their email to