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Ricardo Sosa, INPROTUR’s Executive Secretary, Yanina Martínez, Secretary of Tourism Promotion of the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, and Dr. Ricardo Pahlen Acuña, Dean of the Faculty of Economic Sciences of the UBA, today participated in the presentation of the International Marketing Plan and First Wine Tourism Economic Observatory.

This event took place in the Ministry of Tourism and Sports. The president of the Argentine Viniculture Cooperation (COVIAR), José Alberto Zuccardi,the vice-president of the Argentine Chamber of Tourism (CAT), Fernando Gorbarán, and tourism companies’ representatives were also present.

The Executive Secretary carried out the event opening, who expressed, “We are pleased to present this International Marketing Plan and First Wine Tourism Economic Observatory. We believe that, with the INPROTUR, we have to continue pursuing this line of work designed according to data and information validation with academic involvement, alongside institutional and private sector participation.”

Sosa claimed, “As the organism in charge of Argentina’s promotion and positioning abroad, we think that these two elements are better supported when there are academic bases, when private sectors’ representatives participate, and, of course, when they are carried out from the National Government.”

Pahlen Acuña celebrated the observatory creation in conjunction with the Faculty of Economic Sciences. “We are here today because we believe the academic aspect in the observatory will be beneficial for all. We think wine tourism is a very important part of our tourism. This work among a ministry, public and private organisations, and the university is for sure significant. From the Buenos Aires University and in particular the Faculty of Economic Sciences, we want to express our readiness for the observatory and any other undertaking carried out to serve our society.”

COVIAR’s president expressed, “There is an endless number of wine tourism alternatives. Despite the hard blow caused by the pandemic, we are moving forward. We export wine, but also our country’s image and a cultural product.”

Zuccarid added, “We think this job is very interesting. Our slogan is ‘wine brings us together.’ And this is what it is all about: tourism highlights this; it brings us together. So, I think it is essential to have an observatory in which we can analyse trends and guide the decision-making processes. In addition, an international marketing plan provides us with a tool to work in a highly powerful activity.”

Fernando Gorbarán celebrated the meeting and said, “We have to celebrate the creation of the observatory. For the CAT, wine belongs to the Argentines’ DNA. So, it is very important to measure the impact of this activity on Argentinian tourism. We need wine because we sell it to the world as one of the tourism promotion values.”

The Secretary of Tourism Promotion of the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, Yanina Martínez, gave the closing words, “This union among the Ministry of Tourism, the INPROTUR, that is to say the Government, private sectors, and the university is fundamental to be encouraged and make this post-pandemic recovery successful.”

Martinez claimed, “Argentina keeps working strongly on this sector. The wine industry creates around 385,000 job positions in the country. Wine tourism is an activity we sell to the world through the INPROTUR. It can offer, import, and generate job positions.”

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