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Itapemirim, the new Brazilian airline, has confirmed its interest in operating flights to Argentina. This occurred after the meeting between the INPROTUR’s Executive Secretary, Ricardo Sosa, and the company Commercial Director, Fabiano Oliveira, during the Abav Fair 2021 in Fortaleza, Brazil.

Sosa and the Argentine delegation travelled to Brazil in order to foster the air commerce development. In that setting, the meeting with the Brazilian airline took place. This company is considered a key element in Brazil’s land transport system and has recently launched into the air commerce field with success.

Sosa points out that, during the meeting, the company representative was taught about Argentina’s touristic potential. Also, they provided details of the management strategies that can be followed to keep reinforcing the connection between these countries.

Oliveira showed great enthusiasm about the possibility of operating flights to Buenos Aires. “We’re opening new destinations within Brazil, but the challenge of operating to Buenos Aires thrills us. We’ll be there soon.” He also highlighted that we could be the company’s first international flight and that they could use a newly acquired plane.

The negotiations will continue the following days, and they bring forward the airlines’ decision to invest. As it will be recalled, the INPROTUR had already negotiated with Viva Air in Colombia. Some months later, this company officially presented its flight scheme, one of the first concluded negotiations in that respect.

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