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In an event held in the Argentinian Embassy in Brazil for more than 180 tour operators and the specialised press, the airline with our flag informed about the reopening of a historical route between the capitals.

As of April 5th, Aerolíneas Argentinas is going to operate again with four weekly frequencies after six years. The last flight of the airline in this route was in April in 2016. With the reoperation from Brasília and the other announced routes from Porto Alegre and Curitiba to the Argentinian capital, the airline will have 49 weekly frequencies from April, joining different Brazilian cities with Buenos Aires. The event was led by the Argentinian Ambassador in Brazil, Daniel Scioli, INPROTUR’s Executive Secretary, Ricardo Sosa, and Aerolíneas Argentinas’ Sales Manager, Fabián Lombardo.

The announcement took place in the Argentinian Embassy in Brazil, and more than 180 tourism professionals and the specialised press participated —they also received training by the INPROTUR and tasted typical Argentinian food. The event was organised by the National Institute of Tourism Promotion and the Embassy, together with Aerolíneas Argentinas. Some other relevant figures were also present: the Federal District’s VP, Vanessa Mendoça, the Inframerica’s VP, Juan Djedjeian, and representatives of Brazil’s Ministry of Tourism and Embratur.

The Argentinian Ambassador in Brazil, Daniel Scioli, remarked, “The direct air connectivity with Brasília will foster regional tourism, the commercial exchange, and the mutual institutional presence between the countries. These flight paths represent our intentions to build bridges, aerial in this case, to unite, create bonds, and strengthen the relation with Brazil.”

Likewise, INPROTUR’s Executive Secretary, Ricardo Sosa, said, “We had a great deal of preparation before March, and we can now celebrate Aerolíneas Argentinas’ achievement, since it is going to operate again after six years. This may be the most important international tourism recovery we are going through, as it is about Brazil’s capital, which will in effect create more routes to more destinations between these countries. In addition, we can make the most of the connections Aerolineas Argentinas is establishing with GOL regarding closer destinations, such as Cuiaba, Campo Grande, Palmas, Manaus, Porto Velho, and even Belo Horizonte, where there are yet no flights to Buenos Aires.”

Sosa added, “Before the pandemic, Brasília was the fourth city emitting Brazilian tourists to Argentina via air. We see there is great potential here due to its airport, connectivity, and status as the capital of the country. It should also be noted that 60% of tourists travelling from Brasília came on holidays, and only 15% would hire tourist packages; so, we have observed the great potential tour operators and travel agencies have.”

Fabián Lombardo, Aerolíneas Argentinas’ Sales Manager, claimed, “We have 73% of seats available before COVID-19. This flight adds to the 4 frequencies we will have from Porto Alegre and Curitiba to Buenos Aires, with four more frequencies each. We also would like to announce that we will have more routes from São Paulo to Bariloche, Salta, and Tucumán as of July. Moreover, we will increase our flights to Buenos Aires from São Paulo with 28 weekly frequencies as of July as well.”

Lombardo added that the flight Brasília – Buenos Aires will be operated by a B737-700, with a capacity for 128 Premium-Economy passengers. It starts to run on April 5th, landing at Jorge Newbery airport. GOL will also connect Brasília with 10 Brazilian destinations.

The connectivity between Brazil and Argentina is continuously increasing, in pursuit of reaching and surpassing the pre-pandemic frequencies. Brazil is the first tourist emitting market and the one showing a prompt recovery.

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