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Different social media celebrities toured around Buenos Aires and Rosario, the city of Lionel Messi, exploring these cities’ offer.

Amazed with tango, surprised with the ancient and modern architecture, captivated by the gastronomy and, above all, attracted by the possibility of making getaways: Chilean, Paraguayan, and Bolivian influencers described how they felt after touring Buenos Aires and Rosario, the city where Lionel Messi was born and raised in the Province of Santa, Litoral Region.

Visit Argentina picked up several figures to continue with the growing positioning of the digital promotion for the country’s destinations. They chose ones were Ana Coreana (beauty and makeup influencer from Paraguay, with 1.2M followers on TikTok and 56K on IG), Hugo Aguilera (makeup influencer from Paraguay, 122K followers on IG and 160K on TikTok), La Comadre Kenny (Instagrammer and businesswoman from Paraguay, with 940K followers on IG), Ana Ríos (model from Paraguay, 383K followers on IG), Fernanda Domínguez (lifestyle and marketing influencer from Chile, 101K followers on IG), and Rissy Vidal (singer and TV presenter, with 121 K followers on IG, 15K on YouTube, and 676K on TikTok).

Executive Secretary of the National Institute for Tourism Promotion (INPROTUR) Ricardo Sosa claimed, “Our digital positioning continues to grow thanks to the great number and variety of actions carried out since the beginning of our administration. With the arrival of influencers, we are strengthening these efforts and reaching multiple audiences so that they know about Argentina’s destination excellence.”

It should be noted that this measure was taken with the support of the Argentinian Chamber of Shopping Centres, which allowed influencers to visit Alto Palermo, Unicenter and Alto Rosario Shopping Centres, and the Secretary of Tourism of the Province of Santa Fe. These trips are part of INPROTUR’s invitations for influencers and the international press to make all offers across the whole country visible. Through a variety of profiles, the guests show everything the country offers from different angles for their large audiences.

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