Visit Argentina


INPROTUR resumed trips for the international press with the aim of making Argentina’s touristic offer visible to the main media abroad.

The tourist reactivation of Argentina is taking place at an accelerated pace and, after a forced pause due to the pandemic, it now goes a step further: international press trips are back.

Thanks to the management of the National Institute for Tourism Promotion (INPROTUR), several international journalists visited the country. Among them, Claudia Esquilante (editor of Prazeres da Mesa, the most influential gastronomy and wine magazine in Brazil), Mariana Weber (gastronomy and wine columnist of the prestigious magazine Forbes Brasil), Ricardo Souza (director of the popular website Bons Vinhos), and Joao Gabriel Galdea (sub-editor and columnist for Jornal Correio 24 horas, a leading media in digital audience in the northeast of Brazil), who ,after spending a few hours in Buenos Aires, settled in Valle de Uco, a renowned wine-growing area in the province of Mendoza.

In Mendoza, among various activities, they had the chance to visit the Zuccardi Winery which was awarded for the third time in a row the world’s best winery prize in 2021. In addition, they met the winemaker Alejandro Vigil, one of the most prominent in our country. Later, they continued the trip to the province of San Juan to learn even more about Argentinian wine and the astronomical life in the El Leoncito National Park.

On the other hand, Luciana Taddeo (correspondent for UOL, the leading news site in Brazil), Rodrigo Lopes (editor of Zero Hora, the most influential newspaper in Porto Alegre and southern Brazil), Darcianne Diogo (editor of Correio Braziliense, the largest journal of Brasilia), and Ana Paula Ehlert (Na Esquina do Mundo, Tourism and Pleasure blog of the newspaper Bem Paraná, the largest in Curitiba) arrived in Tucumán to cover the north of our country, visiting also Salta and Jujuy. There, they were able to dive in the ins and outs of Tafí del Valle, the Ruins of Quilmes, the excellence of Cafayate wines, the Tren a las Nubes (Train to the Clouds), and the legendary Quebrada de Humahuaca, among other places of interest.

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