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In the context of Argentina’s international tourism reactivation, INPROTUR’s Executive Secretary, Ricardo Sosa, together with Argentina’s Ambassador, Marcelo Lucco, met in Panamá with Copa Airlines’ Director of Government Affairs, Pablo de la Guardia. The aim was to make progress on recovering the Salta and Rosario air lanes and creating new air-commercial opportunities.

In this context, Sosa anticipated the airline’s willingness to schedule flights to the cities of Salta and Rosario. “During the meeting with the company’s representatives, we have expressed our view on our work on international inbound tourism. Firstly, we can say that we have agreed with Copa Airlines to recover two important destinations for Argentina from Panamá. Along with that conversation, we should highlight their intention to schedule flights to Rosario as of March 2022 and Salta province as of July or August of the same year. This is great news for our country. Our challenge is to work intensively so that these flights arrive with tourists from Panamá and the countries where this airline operates, such as the USA, Mexico, and countries from Asia.”

The INPROTUR’s Executive Secretary specified that getting back air lanes is one of the main guidelines set out by the Minister of Tourism and Sport Matías Lammens. He also mentioned the support received by Salta and Santa Fe authorities, such as Governor Gustavo Sáenz, Salta’s Minister of Tourism and Sport Mario Peña, President of Salta’s INPROTUR Manuela Arancibia, and Secretary of Tourism in Santa Fe Alejandro Grandinetti. He added, “With these provinces, we are going to work steadily on the destination and region promotion on the emission centres the airline has abroad.”

During the meeting with Copa Airlines, the INPROTUR also outlined several promotion strategies to foster Panamá’s tourist arrival upon giving a detailed analysis of the increase plan of arrivals to Argentina that this country may generate.

In addition, the importance of the Panamá hub for Copa Airlines flights was analysed. Sosa pointed out, “This distribution centre’s excellence and rapidity in flights make significantly easier the arrival of tourists from key markets for Argentina, such as the USA and Mexico, and other more distant markets with which the airline has connections.”

Lastly, he anticipated that a joint action plan was set out to get back flights, identify opportunities, and commit to creating inbound tourism with the airline.

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