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With training sessions on the country and business rounds, INPROTUR organised a new Buy Argentina trade mission in north-eastern Brazil.

Buy Argentina tour continues around different cities of the world, and yesterday, it took place in Salvador de Bahía, in the northeast of Brazil, with 156 tourism professionals, including travel agents and tour operators, who were able to meet Argentinian tourism entrepreneurs and authorities from two participating destinations. In addition, INPROTUR provided a training session to show how to sell tourist destinations of Argentina. Details on Aerolíneas Argentinas routes between Brazil and Argentina were also provided, anticipating the beginning of the connection between Salvador and Buenos Aires by the end of the year to be carried out by Gol Linhas Aéreas.

The event was organised by the National Institute for Tourism Promotion with the support of the Argentinian Consulate in Salvador de Bahía and the Argentine Chamber of Tourism. INPROTUR’s Executive Secretary Ricardo Sosa said, “We are happy with the great attendance in Salvador despite the rainy weather. Travel agents in all cities of Brazil are highly interested in selling our destination and have told us that their clients always request it. It is crucial that they know how to promote each of our destinations, and so we thank provinces and private companies for joining Buy Argentina; they have already collaborated with the positioning of Argentina.”

In addition, General Consul of Argentina in Salvador Agustín Núñez said the opening words, expressing that “It is very important for Argentinians and Brazilians to complement each other. It works this way in tourism: Argentinians look for beaches, and Brazilians, for Patagonia and the south. There is a lot to do between Brazil and Argentina. I was recently in El Chaltén, an incredible place, and I was amazed. I hope that Brazilians get to visit destinations like this in our country as soon as possible.”

Sosa also reflected on the expectation of Brazilian tourism for the second part of the year, “From January to July 2022, we have already achieved 44% of Brazilian tourists compared to pre-pandemic levels, and if we look at the figures of the last 4 months, the percentage is greater than 60%. So, if it continues like this, we expect to reach UNWTO’s estimate of 50% tourism recovery by the end of 2022. Brazil continues to be the main source of tourists for our country.”

Minister of Tourism of Chubut and President of Chubut Tourism Agency, Leonardo Gaffet, and the Undersecretary of Tourism of Rio Negro, Cecilia Caldelari, participated as destinations. In addition, the companies Terra Travel Services, Hotel Pestana, and Gray Line also attended the event. Lía Hirakawa da Cruz was also present on behalf of Gol Linhas Aéreas.

Some travel agents showed themselves satisfied with what they obtained from Buy Argentina: “This event was wonderful for me. I have never been to Argentina, and I would like to visit it now. I had the opportunity to get to know a little more about it with this event,” Adson from Assisturismo said. “The business round was fantastic, and I highly encourage Brazilians to visit Argentina. There are amazing hotels and incredible places like Patagonia, Mendoza, and the Argentinian capital,” Patricia from Itaparica Tour claimed.

The guests tasted food from all regions in the country (from milanesas and empanadas to locro and chipá) and wine from the Cuyo region. To wrap up the event, there was an award ceremony for travel agents.

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