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Nearly 250 tourism professionals from Mexico attended the business meetings organised by INPROTUR and the Argentine Chamber of Tourism (CAT) in Mexico City, Guadalajara, and Monterrey.

The successful result of Buy Argentina in Mexico,held this week in Mexico City, Guadalajara, and Monterrey, can be summarised in 3,732 work meetings, almost 250 attendees, renowned local press, commercial agreements and, above all, a strong interest in Argentinian tourism.

Executive Secretary of the National Institute for Tourism Promotion (INPROTUR) Ricardo Sosa, who led the Argentinian delegation, claimed, “We have come to the end of a very productive week with a market that can greatly benefit us. We’ve got a close relation with Mexico and we are sure that, with these actions, our link is strengthened, generating more arrivals of Mexicans to our country. It is very important to be present, and we are doing so not only in Mexico, but in many Latin American countries.”

He also highlighted that he held meetings with representatives of Aeroméxico and Copa Airlines, as well as with the President of the National Association of Travel Agencies of Mexico, Tulio Bernal, among other activities.

The meetings in the three cities consisted of a business breakfast; training and raffles to provide details of Argentina’s tourist offers for the Mexican market; and business rounds, where Argentinian tourism businessmen met with their Mexican parties to work towards marketing agreements for holiday packages.

With almost 30,000 arrivals from Mexico, this market shows a great recovery from pre-pandemic levels. This was confirmed in the months of May (64%), June (65%) and July (65%).

The INPROTUR team was accompanied by Visit Buenos Aires and the companies Aeroméxico, Copa Airlines, Travel Shop Operator, Pe-Tra Operator, iUmira Travel, Mega Travel, Julia Tours, Viajes Fame, Abax Travel, Acercar Viajes, Alvarez Argüelles Hotels, Estuario del Plata, Goat South America DMC, ILS Tours, Incentive & Leisure Services, LA Ventana / Gala Tango / Aljibe / Michelangelo, Mundo MBA SRL, NH Hotels, One Event (Libsud Argentina), Petru Viajes, Quality Travel, Vivaterra Argentina DMC, and Juan Toselli Int. Tours.

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