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Visit Argentina introduces Pato Masa Hirsch, a true explorer of the southernmost limits of Argentina. Enjoy his photographic material on our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts.

In fall, the Tierra del Fuego National Park wears vibrating colors, filled with mysticism, such as that surrounding Ushuaia, the city at the End of the World. Fuegians usually say this is the best time of the year to visit the city.

Crossing the Drake Passage is a huge challenge. Those who embark on the adventure of visiting the Antarctica, confirm, after leaving the Ushuaia port, that they should overcome that moment to finally arrive at the White Continent and enjoy its unparalleled landscapes.

Such is Southern Patagonia, the south of Southern Argentina. Filled with magic, mysticism and legends that shaped a unique region in the world. Through his clinical eye, Pato Masa Hirsch, the new star of Argentina Lovers,  shows us various pictures that catch the overwhelming beauty of this vast area which is, many times, hard to explain.

You can see all of Pato’s wonderful material on Visit Argentina’s Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts.

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