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Visit Argentina travels to the province of La Pampa, on the northernmost end of the Patagonia, to delight its followers with the shots taken by Sebastián Delsol, a young Pampean photographer from Miguel Riglos village, who portrays every corner of his magical province in an unparalleled way.

Great results are usually achieved with effort, dedication and, above all, hope. It was probably with these resources and some other personal qualities that Sebastián Delsol designed his photographic project, which started as a hobby and has become a success.

“It keeps me grounded; it’s a healing experience. And if others like it, then that’s a plus”, he says. And those “others” mean almost 20 thousand followers who are delighted by his shots, which faithfully show the natural beauty of the Province of La Pampa.

In the northern end of the Patagonia region, this province is a synonym of peace, nature, endless plains, asados –in General Pico the biggest one in the world was cooked once – and lots of peace and quiet.  

With a capital city such as Santa Rosa, perfectly well designed and always flourishing, this Patagonian destination stands out for the quality of Guatraché thermal waters, the amazing Parque Luro Provincial Reserve -here, we have recommended taking the guided tour around its iconic white and green mansion, and watching the deer rut- or the Lihué Calel National Park.

It’s time to discover a true tourist oasis as La Pampa. This is why with, Visit Argentina posts a good deal of Sebastián’s work, declared of Provincial Cultural Interest, on Argentina Loversfeed. Dive into our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts and dream about an adventure in La Pampa. Don’t wait any longer. You can be the next star of this creative proposal by the National Bureau of Tourism Promotion (INPROTUR). Email your initiative to and Visit Argentina will take care of spreading it.

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