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For the purpose of promoting our country as a sport and food destination for the Italian market, a banquet was held with tour operators, sportspeople and influential personalities during the semi-final of the Argentine Embassy King’s Polo Master Cup. Tourism businesspeople had the chance to taste Argentine’s food delicacies, learn more about the culture of our country, as well as about the love for polo and sport in general.

The event was held at the prestigious Villa a Sesta Polo & Equestrian Club (VAS Club) in Tuscany, Italy. The club is part of an Italian-Argentine community and has served as the venue of many international events for over 25 years. This year, the club offered the Argentine Embassy in Rome to be part of the name of the cup that represents the most prestigious polo tournament in Italy.

With the presence of the Argentine Embassy in Italy, the event gathered over 30 specialized tour operators, the press and special guests such as renowned Italian wine taster Roberto Cipresso, a passionate about Argentina, who talked about the countless chances that our country offers to practice wine tourism and the exponential growth that the drink has had in the Argentine territory in the last years, along with the excellent quality it has shown.

As National Bureau of Tourism Promotion (INPROTUR)’s Executive Secretary Ricardo Sosa pointed out: “This is yet another example of the joint work done with the embassies and consulates abroad. We are proud to see that such important actions can be taken to promote our tourist and sport proposal all over the world. Italy is one of our major markets in Europe and it is absolutely positive to be able to position ourselves there, to welcome Italian travelers back once the health conditions allow it.”

The menu consisted of typical servings of each Argentine region and wines from various wine-growing valleys in our country. A presentation of Argentina displaying all its attractions and especially focusing on its polo, golf and motorcycle sport proposal, as well as wine tourism and food, was also made.

Italy is regarded as one of Argentina’s major markets, based on the number of arrivals our country had prior to the pandemic. Italian tourism is highly attracted to sports events and to activities involving food, wine, tango and natural environments. In 2019, the Italian market was ranked 11th in arrivals of foreign tourists to Argentina, with a total of 145,000 arrivals.

On the other hand, polo, golf and car races involves a high purchasing power sector and Tuscany is one of the regions in Italy that show the greatest interest in these activities.

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