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With the aim of learning about and selling the tourist offer, industry business owners toured the province.

A new reverse trade mission was conducted in La Rioja province with more than 20 tour operators from various Brazilian cities. Business owners were invited to learn about the province’s destinations and were also able to meet with local tourism agents and providers. This action was organised by the Government of the Province of La Rioja together with the Argentinian Embassy in Brazil and supported by the National Institute for Tourism Promotion.

In addition to the meetings organised with the goal of doing business between local agents and invited tour operators, the group was invited to visit the varying landscapes of La Rioja. They had the opportunity to visit the Talampaya National Park and learn about the different tours offered in the park, and to tour the cities of Villa Unión and Chilecito. In addition, they tasted regional food and visited local undertakings of olives, wine, and nuts.

The aim of the mission is that they make new local partners so that they can eventually sell La Rioja’s services and circuits to their Brazilian clients interested in visiting Argentina. The tour operators arrived from São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Porto Alegre, Minas Gerais, Brasília, and Curitiba.

Ricardo Sosa, INPROTUR’s Executive Secretary, gave his opinion on the fam tours: “From the Institute, we support this type of actions, which we also coordinate and manage in different provinces of Argentina. In this way, international touristic business owners enjoy all the experiences in the best possible way and are motivated to encourage their clients to travel to these destinations. Most of the deals that comprise the entire tourism marketing chain in Argentina are also generated.”

Brazil is once again the main source of tourists to Argentina, and in the first four months of the year, more than 500,000 Brazilian tourists have already landed in our country. In April 2022, the number of Brazilian tourists coming to Argentina recovered by 62% compared to the same month before the pandemic; thus, it is the market that is reacting the fastest.

Furthermore, Aerolíneas Argentinas announced there will be new flights and routes from Brazil as of July, which will increase the flow of Brazilians through Argentina.

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