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Last December 14, INPROTUR through its Visit Argentina Instagram account broadcast the natural phenomenon from Patagonia, live for over three hours! with peaks of 300 viewers simultaneously, to the sound of an amazing musical show by DJ Hernán Cattaneo.

Last December 14, a broadcast of over three hours live with peaks of 300 viewers at the same time! on Visit Argentina, the National Bureau of Tourism Promotion’s (INPROTUR) Instagram account achieved another milestone – the longest live broadcast so far – when it showed the solar eclipse from the city of San Carlos de Bariloche, a tourism icon in Patagonia, accompanied by an amazing show by Argentine DJ Hernán Cattaneo. The event was viewed by over 300 thousand accounts!

From the South of the Province of Neuquén –one of the most beautiful spots in our country, with the Road of the Seven Lakes as its benchmark as well as San Martín de los Andes and Villa La Angostura as part of its major tourist destinations, down to Bariloche in the Province of Río Negro and the end of the province, the eclipse delighted world travelers who, given the major importance of this event, were allowed into the country to watch it.

As INPROTUR’s Executive Secretary Ricardo Sosa pointed out: “Once again, we took a step forward as far as the promotion of tourism-related events in Argentina is concerned. This solar eclipse was a unique amazing phenomenon so our country decided to open up the doors to world travelers to watch it and enjoy a breathtaking experience in a stunning place such as Patagonia”.

It was a day to celebrate nature in a country which is synonymous with natural wonders and was also accompanied by musician Hernán Cattaneo, who introduced his SunsetStream show, in its Eclipse Edition version, from the majestic Llao Llao Hotel.

For the world, this was another natural landmark. For Argentina, an honor to have the chance to see it as no other part of the world could. And for INPROTUR, another innovative proposal aimed at positioning Argentine tourism proposals at the highest level.