Visit Argentina


It is the interaction channel par excellence with travelers interested in the attractions and culture of our country.

Visit Argentina, the National Bureau of Tourism Promotion (INPROTUR)’s account, which promotes our country’s attractions abroad, has reached its first million followers on Facebook. Considering all the social networks of the account (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube), it totals almost a million and a half followers.

Visit Argentina, updated on a daily basis, enhances Argentina’s tourism brand and connects with travelers from all over the world who are eager to know more about the landscapes, experiences and possibilities offered by the five regions of our country. Among others, these travelers are from the United States, Brazil, Vietnam, Italy, Germany, Chile, Ecuador, Mexico and Uruguay. Contents are posted in Spanish, Portuguese and English, and are IP-oriented in each market according to the language.

Along with its social network strategy, INPROTUR is working on a data intelligence development of its own, aimed at strengthening Argentina’s presence as a tourist destination all over the world. To this end, some tools have been implemented, such as Quicksight AI for comprehensively processing and visualizing tourism statistics on our own Data Lake; other actions include the strengthening of air-navigation sources and integration of the digital activation strategy into a social media monitoring and listening system that makes it possible to measure VisitArgentina’s actions and investments.

During the COVID19 pandemic and with closed borders, Visit Argentina has managed to keep travelers’ willingness to travel alive through sections like Argentina Travel Talks and Argentina Lovers, which were welcomed by the audience and are key to our digital strategy. Some of the posts on Argentina Lovers -which shows photographic and audiovisual material by local and international content creators – are among the most seen and commented posts on our Facebook account.

Quality audiovisual content, creativity, information and interaction are the keys of a community that grows more and more and that has just reached its first million followers. 

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