Visit Argentina


Based on the concept of Argentina, an infinite passion, to include the multiple options that world travelers have in our country, Visit Argentina’s brand-new visual identity stands out mainly for having a modern and diverse spirit.

Wide extensions? Yes. Nature? Yes. Sea and mountains? Also. Argentina’s geographic diversity is so amazing that world travelers have an endless array of options to experience and enjoy.

With this idea, materialized under the concept of infinity, the National Bureau of Tourism Promotion (INPROTUR) introduced its new visual identity at the 2021 international Tourism Fair (FITUR).

As INPROTUR’s Executive Secretary Ricardo Sosa highlighted: “We took the infinity symbol as the main icon to represent the multiple options that tourists have when visiting Argentina. The purpose was to develop a sign that represented Visit Argentina’s values clearly and categorically. Once the sanitary conditions allow it, here there is a safe renewed country, over five thousand kilometers long from north to south, waiting for the international traveling community with open arms”.

Below are some details that define the new identity and that seek to generate an impact in the tourism industry:

  • Extension, diversity and contrasts are its distinguishing features.
  • Infinity as a reference to the endless proposals that can be found in a country that has it all: culture, nature, architecture, food, the warmth of its people and much more.
  • The infinity symbol can be associated with binoculars, the wheels of a car to tour the country, a bike, the waves of the Argentinean Sea, the attentive eyes of our people, or whatever tourists can imagine. It is the result of multiple options.
  • The concept is reinforced by the initials V and A, which form two opposing arrows inviting to tour these various options as well as the immensity of our country.

The colors of this new identity are mainly two shades of blue and light blue, with a secondary palette which includes green, orange and pink as well. Since the beginning of the pandemic, and given the impossibility of traveling around the world, we have invited you to dream of an adventure in Argentina. We are prepared and now invite you to feel identified with our new image, and we hope you do. Once the sanitary conditions allow it, the six regions of Argentina will have an infinite universe to offer.

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