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The Argentinian delegation, led by the INPROTUR Executive Secretary Ricardo Sosa, played one of the leading roles in the opening of this traditional fair, which involves one of the most developed segments in our country.

As regards thermal tourism, Argentina is an inspiration not only in Latin America, but also worldwide. There are six regions in the whole territory with more than 44 thermal spots, and they have superior quality offers, and services that suit all tastes and preferences for the international community.

In order to continue securing its position, Argentina, through the National Bureau of Tourism Promotion (INPROTUR), led by the Executive Secretary Ricardo Sosa, played a leading role in the opening of Termatalia 2021. This event is carried out in a hybrid format (online and face-to-face), in Ourense, Spain, from today to September 17th.

This time, the II International Congress on Water and Health of Termatalia, and the IV International Symposium on Thermalism and Quality of Life (University of Vigo) were held as part of the Fair. International experts attended these events, which analysed the sector in the context of the pandemic.

According to Sosa, “This is a highly important event for those of us who were and are committed to Thermal Tourism. In this gradual process of going back to a normal life, wellness tourism and natural destinations will play a crucial role. In this context, Argentina has come into play more than ever, with 31 registered people in the Fair. This shows the solid decisions made by the provinces and companies to support wellness tourism.”

Sosa remarked to conclude, “The Minister of Tourism of our country, Matías Lammens, worked and continues working steadily to support the wellness tourism outlook. We are also working hard from the INPROTUR. Carrying out TERMATALIA in 2014 in Argentina was so important that an international marketing plan was developed the following year. The certainty of wellness tourism must inspire us to keep on working intensively.”

Argentina is holding its exhibition tomorrow at 11:45 (Argentina time zone) and is showing the following destinations: Santiago del Estero, Entre Ríos, Córdoba, Catamarca, Chaco, Province of Buenos Aires, La Rioja, Jujuy, Mendoza, Río Negro, San Juan, Santa Fe, Neuquén, Chubut, Salta and the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.In its presentation, it is going over the wide variety of options to have the best thermal experience with added values, such as wine, gastronomy, beautiful landscapes, excellent weather conditions, among others.

Moreover, the country is also going to be present in the Fair Workshop, which will be held simultaneously. Twenty-four companies are summoned, among which the Argentine Medical Tourism Chamber is presenting its own destinations, and the Argentine Chamber of Tourism (CAT) is seeking to commercialise the Argentinian offer.

It is important to point out that Argentina has more than 40 thermal centres and more than 44 thermal destinations, which are true spa-resort cities, such as Termas de Río Hondo, in the province of Santiago del Estero, in the north of the country.

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