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Zuccardi Valle de Uco opened its doors six years ago in the province of Mendoza, and half of that time, it was recognized as the best vineyard of the planet by the World’s Best Vineyard. What can you do there? Read this note to find out.

For the third time in a row, The World’s Best Vineyard recognized the famous Argentinian vineyard, Zuccardi Valle de Uco, as the Best Vineyard in the World. A 600-expert jury granted such title to the paradise of the wine of Mendoza. They selected the winner among more than 1,500 winery destinations.

What are their voting criteria? The quality of the wine, of course. Finca Piedra Infinita Gravascal 2018, one of its Malbec, had achieved the highest possible score in the magazine Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate —The 100 Parker points. Other factors, such as the cuisine, tour, accessibility, environment, service, reputation, and landscape, are also considered. Have you seen the landscape of the Infinita green vineyard? At the foot of the Andes Mountains. Amazing, right?

In the list of the best ten vineyards, our light-blue flag shows up again. Catena Zapata hits the 7th position. It doesn’t end there. Argentinian names feature prominently in the top 50. Trapiche was ranked 18th; El Enemigo, 24th; Colomé from Salta, 35th; and SuperUco, 42nd. Six of the best 50 vineyards of the world are from the country with the End of the World.

As it’s known, Argentina is a generous country. So, if the best wine-making experience is at our home, we will surely share it with you. The vineyard Zuccardi Valle de Uco is open and offers activities for all your senses. You can appreciate the flavours of its cuisine while savouring the best wines of the world. You also can admire the panoramic view and take pictures of the fine and modern architecture of its vineyard. Everything is part of the plan!

Guided Tours and Tastings in the vineyard

There are several options to make a tour around the winery and taste wines. The simplest option for only $10 is to take a look around the winery, which is a lovely alternative, whether you are holding a glass of wine or not.

Piedra Infinita was inaugurated in 2016 by the architect Fernando Raganato. As its name denotes, it honours and symbolises the nature of the surrounding landscape. Its design was also granted a distinction the year it was opened: the winery won the Best of Wine Tourism Gold Award for the best architecture and landscape of the world. It respects the environment of Mendoza, living in harmony with its shapes, colours, and textures. You got it, right? Bringing your camera is a must.

However, if you were thinking about the elixir of grapes (of course you were), the tasting options are the suitable ones. Prices vary from $20 to $62 depending on the type of wine and series selected. You can taste Polígonos (the most inexpensive), Valle de Uco, Experiencia Terroir, and Fincas, whose tonalities reflect the distinctive features of each vineyard. The guided tours are included in all the options.

Mind you. Don’t forget to book at least a month in advance. Not surprisingly, places are booked quickly.

Lunch in the restaurant at the foot of the mountain

To fully delight your palate, you should also enjoy the great gourmet menu. Since this is the best vineyard of the world, the quality of the recipes that play a leading role in the pairing can’t fall behind. The vineyard restaurant invites you to sit at a table at the foot of the mountain range to complete the experience and relish a top-notch feast.

The four-course meal includes regional products, local flavours, and gourmet touches. You can have some roasted bread and organic spinach puree, goat cheese mousse, and pickled carrots for starters. You can continue with charcoal-grilled goats in different cooking processes and forms. For the main course, you can have charcoal grilled T-bone steak, pickled eggplant, and clay-oven baked pumpkin. For a sweet treat, you can have quince in Malbec (of course) and olive and rosemary ice cream, with a touch of caramel-coated nuts. Is your stomach already rumbling? There are five alternatives, beginning from the most inexpensive option without pairing (for around $60) to the most luxurious choice in which you can taste the most awarded wines of the winery (for $186).

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