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Inprotur’s new digital action will impact 25 million followers of the most outstanding instagrammers in Spain, Germany and England. In their posts and stories, they refer to the culture, food and habits of our country.

Getting familiar with our local habits, trying mate for the first time, learning to dance tango, reading a celebrated Argentine writer and sharing all this with their almost 25 million followers. Over 200 European influencers have joined the Travel to Passion campaign, an innovative brand-new way of showing Argentina to the world and of raising the desire to travel to the south once the borders are reopened, a new proposal designed by Inprotur for its Visit Argentina tourism brand. 

The campaign started in Spain, at the 2021 FITUR, an event which marked the return to face-to-face tourism fairs, in which Argentina received recognition for having both the best and the most sustainable stand.  Since May 19, influencers have received at home an Argentine box containing a mate (with its straw and yerba), a bottle of malbec wine, a jar of dulce de leche and a book by writer Cesar Aira (awarded the 2021 Prix Formentor), the kickoff for them to share their passion for Argentina and for some of its most emblematic products in the feed and their stories. 

“As part of the strategy to get ready for the recovery of tourism and the longed-for reopening of borders, we aim at having presence in Europe. This action will allow us to continue positioning ourselves in the minds of millions of Europeans through outstanding influencers in various fields”, said INPROTUR’s Executive Secretary Ricardo Sosa.

Indeed, in many cases, they are celebrities with a close link with our country, who have toured and traveled around Argentina and can describe their major attractions. They also have very different profiles and are accredited voices in the world of travelling, food, fashion, art, sport or showbiz. In Spain, for instance, they range from writer Nuria Roca (840,000 followers) and singer, art gallerist and activist Topacio Fresh (125,000 followers) to TV presenter Jesús Vázquez (one million followers) or Argentine-born chef Gonzalo D’Ambrosio (almost 75,000 followers).  

In Germany, lifestyle and fashion influencer @xlaeta (2,5 million followers) was one of the first to show her followers some of the things that Argentina has to offer, once tourism is reactivated. A few days later, the post had already had a 350,000 people reach and hundreds of comments. Among the influencers from Great Britain that joined the campaign are actress and singer Catherine Tyldesley (600,000 followers) and trainer Gabby Dawn Alley (over one million followers).  

The campaign was launched at the time when Visit Argentina presented its new visual identity; its new infinity-shaped icon is the symbol of Argentina’s diversity, extension and contrasts, in addition to the countless range of possibilities that travelers can experience and enjoy in our country.

The campaign is also being launched in the European spring, at a time when tourists’ perception about our continent is fully focused on the possibility of traveling again, as the borders between European countries are being reopened and thus tourism is getting stronger. The Argentine strategy is directly aimed at being present in the minds of end users.

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