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INPROTUR released a new episode fully developed in Bañado La Estrella, one of the largest wetlands in South America and most important attractions in the Province of Formosa. Watch it on Visit Argentina’s YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Three hundred kilometers away from the City of Formosa, capital of the province that bears the same name, on National Route 81, lies the city of Las Lomitas which is usually the ideal place where travelers stay when they wish to visit Bañado La Estrella, one of the major tourist attractions in Formosa and in all the Litoral region in Argentina.

Once in Las Lomitas, the journey to this amazing wetland, which is the result of the Pilcomayo River flooding, offers two alternatives: one is to take Provincial Route 28 and go 45 kilometers North to a point known as El Vertedero. The other is to take Provincial Route 32 and go Northeast. It is 65 kilometers by land and on rainy days it is recommended not to go to Fortín La Soledad.

The landscape in the wetland is not only delightful because of its incredible natural beauty but it also seems to be part of a surreal tale. When sailing, visitors can see the famous champales –dead trees that look like green ghosts because of the climbing plants, moss and algae covering them- which emerge from the deep waters and cause a unique visual impact.

Along with the story told by Ramón Maldonado, a photographer from the city of El Espinillo in Formosa, the National Bureau of Tourism Promotion (INPROTUR) has released a new episode of Local Stories showcasing the magic of the wetland, which was declared one of the Seven Natural Wonders of Argentina last year.

“Bañado La Estrella has given me great satisfactions in every aspect”, says Ramón, who is the author of a photographic book declared of legislative interest by the Lower Chamber in Formosa.

“Bañado La Estrella is a branch of Heaven on Earth; a gift from God to our dear Province of Formosa”, he concludes and he is definitely right. Hundreds of birds, boas, capybaras, alligators and mainly a very hospitable town all make the Bañado an unparalleled experience in the Litoral region of Argentina.