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Broadcast on Flow and with the support of INPROTUR, the program gathered the most important chefs and sommeliers in Argentina, who toured eight provinces.

The reason is food and wine. But the true background stage of Maridaje [Pairing] the new international documentary supported by the National Bureau of Tourism Promotion (INPROTUR) is the unparalleled amazing landscapes of Argentina, which will be replicated in the screens of the entire continent.

The series was released on Flow yesterday and includes eight episodes starring well-known Argentine sommeliers and chefs, who visited various vineyards in the different provinces, from those by the sea in the province of Buenos Aires to some of the most southernmost in the world, in Chubut, or high altitude ones, in Salta and Jujuy. A total of eight provinces participated in the first season of the program: Santiago del Estero, Río Negro, Mendoza and San Juan, besides the ones aforementioned.

INPROTUR’s Executive Secretary Ricardo Sosa pointed out that “The food-related contents are among the most important means to promote the culture and special features of a country as diverse as Argentina. And through food and wine – and everything around it- we can reach an audience that is eager to travel again and visit us”.

The production of Maridaje involved a true “dream team”. Some of the participating chefs are Narda Lepes, Christophe Krywonis, Pedro Bargero, Dolli Irigoyen and Juan Gaffuri. And among the sommeliers are Inés de los Santos, Agustina de Alba and Martín Bruno.

The project was created with a clear intention to have a federal scope and more Argentine provinces will participate in the second episode. The chapters are 35 minutes’ long each and feature a tour around the vineyards, during which each wine expert challenges a chef to pair a dish with a bottle of previously selected wine. With this idea as the starting point, the adventure continues with the chef, who will try to get the ideal ingredients from different producers to achieve their best dish. This initiative shows the quality and the wide range of food proposals that our country can offer.

This is how Pablo del Río, one of the most important chefs in Mendoza, summarizes the essence of the program: “A good pairing can be found when searched with honesty and simplicity”.

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