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Five nights a month, the legendary Falls in the Province of Misiones gather thousands of tourists who come to have an unforgettable experience. The ideal night does exist in one of the New Seven Wonders of the Natural World.

The moon has been the muse of countless artists. So, it should not come as a surprise that writers’ inspiration springs up when the moon is completely full in Iguazú’s sky, with the Falls witnessing the magic. Authentic life poems can’t but emerge.

The experience of Full Moon Walks at Iguazú Falls is undoubtedly a must for travellers coming to our country. If a visit to this area is an unmissable part of Argentina’s tourism, this night-time activity doubles down.

This amazing walk lasts for two and a half hours, starting from the Main Station in the Iguazú National Park. The Ecological Train leads to Garganta del Diablo (The Devil’s Throat), the most famous water fall of the 275 falls.

Consider the following:

  • This walk takes place five nights a month at three times (19:45, 20:30, and 21:15)
  • It can be cancelled due to adverse weather conditions
  • It is a separate activity from the Iguazú National Park general fee
  • An English-Spanish guide is included

Calendar 2022

April: 14th to 18th

May: 14th to 18th

June: 12th to 16th

July: 11th to 15th

August: 9th to 13th

September: 7th to 11th

October: 6th to 10th

November: 5th to 9th

December: 4th to 8th

Nature? Yes. Magic? Of course. Romanticism? A lot! Argentina offers this attraction and many others which make it stand out worldwide. You already know all the dates, now it’s time to be amazed by Iguazú and the other six regions in our country.

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