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The Institute led by Ricardo Sosa was invited to open the panels of the first Tourism Innovation Forum held in Tucumán.

Entrepreneurs, agents, and tourism workers met in Tucumán yesterday afternoon to take part in the first Tourism Innovation Forum  —an opportunity to share the new global promotion trends, introduce the latest available tools, and spread successful experiences.

The event was organised by the Federal Investment Council (CFI) and the Tucumán Tourism Entity (ETT).  Among the speakers, Oscar Suarez, INPROTUR’s Tourism Promotion Coordinator, participated in the first afternoon panel, highlighting the strategies and intelligence systems used by Visit Argentina, making it one of the main tourism generators for Argentina in the world.

The INPROTUR’s Executive Secretary, Ricardo Sosa, claimed, “Ninety percent of the travel searches and definitions take place in digital ecosystems. Thus, it is imperative to be up-to-date about digital innovation. Visit Argentina is ahead of the curve in this matter.”

In addition, Oscar Suarez pointed out the importance of these forums to promote the sharing of knowledge. “This is an invitation for all who want to learn, exchange opinions, or clear doubts about the way the digital strategy for tourism innovation works.”

With total attendance in the Sheraton San Miguel de Tucumán hotel, the forum was opened by Ignacio Lamothe, CFI’s General Secretary, and Sebastián Giobellina, Tucumán Entity’s President. In the afternoon, several panels covering different topics and with various speakers were held: Digital World Placement, Electronic Commerce, Brand Creation and Positioning, success stories, and an augmented reality experience with influencers. Lamothe concluded, “The first Tourism Innovation Forum is held in Tucumán. It is not futile to choose the province since it is an example of tourism management for the country. We believe the experience we have here will be replicated in the other provinces.”

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