Visit Argentina


In Dominican Republic, on the second date of the Latin American PGA Tour, where INPROTUR is strongly promoting our country’s tourism proposals, Argentine and Brazilian golf players and golf-specialized tour operators talked about their tourism experiences in Argentina.

Argentina is consolidating its promotion of tourism at the Latin American PGA Tour for the purpose of attracting luxury travelers – those who seek new sophisticated experiences – as soon as the health conditions allow it.

With a wide range of proposals in the six regions of our territory, the actions carried out by the National Bureau of Tourism Promotion (INPROTUR) have placed Argentina in an excellent position as this circuit is not only very prestigious but it also gathers important tour operators and companies that are showing strong interest in promoting Argentine tourism destinations.

In this context, on the second date of the LA PGA Tour held in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic, various players took some time to go to the promotional spot near the golf course and invite world tourists to visit our country and live an amazing experience. 

Argentine players Alejandro Tosti and Emilio Puma Domínguez along with Brazilian Rafael Becker left their messages and recommended their colleagues and the whole world to visit our land.

            Brazilian celebrity Becker pointed out: “Come to Argentina; a place with great golf courses that the whole world should visit, to share an ‘asado’ and a good wine with friends”.

            “I would like to make a special invitation to all tourists to come visit Argentina, a country with great people, great wines, good food and excellent golf”, Tosti added. 

            And in the words of Domínguez “I think it is a very good idea to show what Argentina is in all the countries where we play”.

            On the other hand, tourism professionals as Alejandro Wuille-Bille from We Golf said: “I’m very excited to be in Puerto Plaza and support the actions that INPROTUR is carrying out at the Latin American PGA Tour. This is a great opportunity to contact other golf operators and show what Argentina can offer”

            Dominican Felix Olivos, from Fiebre de Golf company, pointed out: “We have discovered that Argentina is a great destination, a small continent that has so much to offer”. He also highlighted Argentine hospitality and summed up: “Everybody should visit Argentina; it is waiting with open arms so that the whole world will discover it and when we do, we will never forget about it”.

In this context, INPROTUR’s Executive Secretary Ricardo Sosa said these actions “are being carried out amidst the special situation that the world is going through as a result of the pandemic. However, the coming back to normal started gradually at the Latin American PGA Tour in December and hence INPROTUR signed a strategic alliance agreement with the PGA, for our country to attend all the future dates of the event, not only to guarantee Argentina’s good positioning but also as a way to get ready to welcome golf tourists as soon as the health conditions worldwide allow it”

            The messages recorded by these great golf players can be seen on Visit Argentina’s YouTube channel: