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For the second time, Argentina proposed the city of San Carlos de Bariloche to host the 2027 Specialised International Expo in BIE’s 171st Assembly. In such meeting, the concepts and themes proposed by our country, “Nature & Technology”, were analysed in more detail.

Our country was represented by a delegation headed by Minister of Tourism and Sport Matías Lammens, Río Negro’s Governor Arabela Carreras, and San Carlos de Bariloche’s Mayor Gustavo Gennuso. They presented the benefits of the Patagonian region for holding the Expo before BIE’s authorities. This candidature and the project supporting it, has resulted from the work of the municipal, provincial, and national jurisdictions, all with different political origins and working together to carry out this Expo as a true state policy.

Minister of Tourism and Sports Matías Lamens highlighted, “After a successful articulation with the private sector, we can claim that Argentina is no longer seeing the reactivation of tourism activities, but their growth. These data are very favourable to host the Expo 2027. The chosen theme is Nature & Technology: we have the possibility of showing our wonderful and diverse natural resources, and the talent of Argentinian science at its best. For that, we believe there is no better place than Bariloche, the heart of Argentine Patagonia.”

In this sense, Governor of Río Negro Arabela Carreras stated, “As governor of Río Negro, I represent one of the most privileged regions thanks to its nature, mountains, forests, lakes, streams, and glaciers. A stunning and infinite geography that is also a scientific-technological innovation centre. In our city, and as a legacy of the Expo, La ciudad del conocimiento (the City of Knowledge) will be set up, integrating schools of all levels, universities, private and public companies, and all the elements making up the region’s scientific-technological and productive system. The whole world demands and needs new non-polluting energies, and here, in the south of the south, we are already sowing the seeds to become the country that produces and exports new energy generation alternatives, taking care of the environment and protecting the planet.”

Finally, San Carlos de Bariloche’s Mayor Gustavo Gennuso claimed, “We were trained in our institutions to take on new challenges. We were born at the end of the world. Today, our people can feel proud of what Bariloche brings to the world in terms of science and technology, that is, of how, in the middle of the steppe, rivers, and lakes, we have achieved what seemed impossible. That is why they can also dream of a future full of possibilities.”

The final election of the hosting venue will be held in June 2023 at the BIE Assembly.

About the 2023 Expo

The first World Exposition was held in London in 1851. Since the creation of the BIE, 70 world and specialised fairs have been organized in Europe, Asia, North America, and Oceania. The 2027/8 BIE Expo will be an international exhibition that will last 3 months and must explore themes addressing a sustainable development objective. Five countries have submitted competing candidatures to organise the next Specialised Expo: the United States of America (in Minnesota), Thailand (in Phuket), Serbia (in Belgrade), Spain (in Malaga), and Argentina (in San Carlos de Bariloche).

Nicolas Fresco

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