Visit Argentina


With more than 73 thousand people, more than 3600 business meetings, and the attendance of 38 countries, the major Latin America tourism fair proved the immediate reactivation of the activity in the country.

During four days, the National Institute for Tourism Promotion (INPROTUR), led by Executive Secretary Ricardo Sosa, followed a full agenda of proposals and projects to analyse for the future of tourism.

Brazil, the leading source of tourists for our country, was one of the main figures. In the context of the fair, the Secretary met EMBRATUR to continue promoting joint actions and cooperation between both countries to foster land inbound tourism.

Ricardo Sosa stated, “It is crucial to consider joint actions to carry out management exchange activities to speed up the work between both countries. Brazil is a key actor for our inbound tourism, and that is why we are working to create more and better possibilities so that more Brazilians come to our country.”

Sosa also held meetings with representatives of the Brazilian state Rio Grande do Sul to analyse several projects, such as wine tourism-related ideas and joint promotion, and with members of the Pernambuco state to create new air connections.

With Argentina’s winter season and snow in mind, promotion actions were coordinated with CVC, the major tourism group of our neighbouring country. The company showed a strong interest in developing innovative suggestions in the Argentinian hinterlands.

Argentina’s role in international cooperation represented another important progress arising from the FIT 2021. In this context, the Executive Secretary’s presence in the discourse of the International Association of Tourism Cooperation (ASICOTUR) was highly significant.   Sosa concluded, “As we consider international tourism cooperation another development component, we are working towards the configuration of an international association seeking cooperation. That’s how the International Association of Tourism Cooperation is born.”

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