Visit Argentina


INPROTUR attended the recognized ILTM fair, held online, in which various participants of the industry showed interest in inviting luxury travelers to our country, in view of the future demand for comfort and natural areas in tourism.

Through the National Bureau of Tourism Promotion (INPROTUR), Argentina attended the prestigious International Luxury Travel Market (ILTM) Fair, held online for the first time during nine days – three days in three consecutive weeks – in Asia-Pacific, Europe-Africa-Middle East, and the Americas, respectively.

The ILTM Fair, traditionally held in the Cannes Palais del Festivals et des Congrès, is one of the most important Luxury Tourism events. Every year, the fair introduces prestigious lecturers who offer the most desired luxury experiences worldwide for the most demanding international buyers.

As INPROTUR’s Executive Secretary Ricardo Sosa pointed out: “Argentina is a destination that has it all, so it offers proposals that match the taste of the most demanding travelers all over the world, so by attending this type of events or making alliances such as the Latin American PGA Tour, among other actions, we are showing the world how well prepared we are to welcome luxury tourists”.

This event gave Argentina the opportunity to not only position itself in the luxury segment but also offer its proposals to travel agencies and tour operators who showed interest in the unique and exclusive experiences that can be enjoyed in our country, especially in open natural sites, which will be in high demand in world tourism in the next few years.

It is worth noting that, for the purpose of appealing to luxury tourism, our country has just made an alliance with the Latin American PGA Tour. It is a fact that wealthy tourists are usually related to this sport and thus this promotional agreement brings about great expectations due to the visibility that our destinations will have in this segment.

It should also be reminded that in July Argentina was the only country in the Americas to be included in the top ten by  Virtuoso Wanderlist, the largest network of luxury tourism operators and travel agents worldwide. This renowned list shows the destinations that Virtuoso travelers most dream of visiting.