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In Paris, INPROTUR, together with PONANT (the only French company of luxurious cruise ships and expeditions to the white continent), provided training to their best clients interested in the wide variety of offers provided by Argentina.

An experience in Antarctica is fascinating without any doubt. Yet, walking down Alvear Avenue in Buenos Aires, tasting the world’s best Malbec at the foot of the Andes mountain range, having lunch at Iguazú Falls, or sleeping among Patagonia’s glaciers are also amazing experiences.

For this reason, Argentina and PONANT set a meeting in the French capital to promote Argentina’s destinations to travellers coming to Antarctica; thus, apart from embarking on a white continent adventure, they can dive deep into the country’s touristic offer.

It is known that those coming to the frozen land have a high spending power, of which our country could take advantage, thanks to the varied offer of high-end products across its six regions.

INPROTUR’s executive secretary, Ricardo Sosa, remarked, “We are working towards extending their stay in our country, either before or after the Antarctica expedition. We have touristic offers in Buenos Aires, Iguazú, Mendoza (with its recognised wine tourism), and El Calafate, in Patagonia. Argentina’s offers are top-notch and suitable for the most demanding tourists.”

Before the pandemic, PONANT, which belongs to the ARTEMIS group, carried around 5 thousand passengers per year to the white continent, making stops in Buenos Aires and Ushuaia. Passengers from France, Germany, England, and China, among others, use to get on their boats.

In the current season ending this month, PONANT operates at 60% of its capacity. However, the company estimates it will operate at 90% by 2022-2023, which ensures Argentina more possibilities of receiving upscale tourists.

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