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The training program, under the name of Aconcagua Lab –Data Intelligence and Digital Marketing Training for Tourism, was carried out as part of the development of FONPROTUR on June 30 and July 7. More than 130 attendees from various provincial entities participated in the program.

Data processing, brand-name positioning, interaction with various audiences on social networks, among others, are part of the National Bureau of Tourism Promotion (INPROTUR)’s agenda when it comes to planning and promoting Argentina’s tourism proposals worldwide.

Focusing on this objective and for the purpose of becoming an engine for knowledge transfer, as part of the projects developed in connection with the Tourism Promotion Fund (FONPROTUR) –a project born to add up actions intended to leverage and enhance the promotional strategies of the 23 provinces of our country and the City of Buenos Aires, with a large bank which comprises over 3,000 images and over 35 hours of audiovisual work, INPROTUR’s International Promotion Management Department organized the Aconcagua Lab –Data Intelligence and Digital Marketing Training for Tourism.

The event took place on June 30 and July 7 and was intended to train the various provincial entities that are part of Argentine tourism. With a total of 130 attendees from all the provinces, the presentation raised enthusiasm among the participants, who showed optimism about post-pandemic tourism.

As INPROTUR’s Executive Secretary Ricardo Sosa pointed out: “It is very important to raise awareness and transfer knowledge and tools to all those who are part of the tourism industry in Argentina. This is why we at INPROTUR thought offering this training program was highly valuable to make a positive contribution to the provinces, so that they can implement this knowledge in their day-to-day activities”.

As part of the training session, INPROTUR presented a summary of all the actions that have been developed since the onset of the pandemic and all the brand-positioning efforts made on various platforms.

The work done on Google is crucial to be well-positioned in the minds of users seeking their next destination. In this connection, the Destination Insights with Google tool was introduced, which makes it possible to analyze travel search trends by country, date, demand category, origin and destination. The program later focused on the Google Trends tool and Google Ads advertising method.

The efforts made on social networks have been extremely valuable for INPROTUR in the last year and a half. In this respect, the training program introduced the actions and tools used by Visit Argentina to interact with the various audiences and target markets, and with the community. It also focused on how to advertise on social networks, mainly Facebook and Instagram, and provided various tips intended to optimize announcements for target audiences.

Another major aspect was showing the analysis of statistics aimed at understanding and preparing for the ongoing activity in the international tourism industry, measuring interest and behaviors, and planning strategic decisions when it comes to designing promotional actions.

It is worth noting that the audience showed an active involvement in both training sessions by means of the feedback given and the questions asked.

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