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The airlines, which showed strong interest in Argentina after our country took part in the 2021 ANATO Fair as Guest of Honor, have confirmed this information. This is a historical event for Argentine tourism as there will be direct flights from Medellín and Cali for the first time.

Argentina takes a step forward regarding connectivity with Colombia, one of our major inbound tourism markets. This week, as the public audience of the Colombian Civil Air Force (Colombia aviation authority) took place, Avianca and Viva Air Airlines confirmed their interest in investing in Argentina and adding more air routes between both destinations.

As explained by National Bureau of Tourism Promotion (INPROTUR)’s Executive Secretary Ricardo Sosa, “These requests from Avianca and Viva are the result of the work done by INPROTUR in Colombia last June, when our country attended the ANATO Fair and held meetings with the airline representatives to propose these initiatives”. He added that, “naturally, this first step officially confirms the airlines’ interest in our country.” and that “we should bear in mind that these guidelines were set by Minister Matias Lammens to help increase the number of foreign tourists coming to our country in the near future “.

In the case of Viva Air, it will be the first time that they offer flights to Argentina. The company’s request to the Civil Air Force was to incorporate 7 weekly flights from Medellín to the City of Córdoba, the capital of the province in the geographical center of Argentina, and the same number of flights to the City of Buenos Aires, as well as from Bogotá to Buenos Aires.

As to Avianca, which had 2 daily flights from Bogotá to Buenos Aires before the pandemic, they are seeking to add 7 weekly flights from Medellín to the Argentine capital, from Bogotá to Córdoba and from Cali to Buenos Aires.

The next public audience of the Colombian Civil Air Force will be held on August 26. If the required approvals are given, the airlines will have to apply to the ANAC (Administración Nacional de Aviación Civil – National Department of Civil Aviation) in Argentina.

The fact that, for the first time, our country will be receiving flights from Medellín and Cali, two cities of remarkable importance in Colombia, is, indeed, a historical event.

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