Visit Argentina


In light of the actions that INPROTUR is carrying out to attract Golf Tourism, CEO Todd Rhinehart highlighted the presence of Argentina and forecast the best results for our country.

Todd Rhinehart, CEO of Latin American PGA Tour said “We are so excited to be partnering with INPROTUR and Argentine tourism” and recalled living three unforgettable months in our country 20 years ago.

“Argentine steak and red wine are unparalleled”, he highlighted and added he looks forward to “getting down to Argentina very soon in the next few months to relive those great experiences”.

Regarding the alliance between Argentina and the Latin American PGA Tour, he pointed out that “A country that supports and sponsors our tournament is very important; it is a remarkable synergy because, at the same time, its tourist attractions are being shown all the time”.

These favorable forecasts add up to the excellent debut of the promotional actions carried out by the National Bureau of Tourism Promotion (INPROTUR) on the first date of the prestigious Latin American golf circuit held in Miami, USA, for the purpose of attracting luxury travelers.

As INPROTUR’s Executive Secretary Ricardo Sosa pointed out “Todd Rhinehart’s words encourage us to keep growing and promoting our tourism worldwide. International tourists related to golf and other sports should know that Argentina is waiting for them and that we offer them the chance to enjoy the same experiences as Todd”.

Argentina will be present in various promotional formats in all the Latin American PGA dates in the following tournaments: 2020 Puerto Plata Open (Dominican Republic), 2021 Mexico Open (Mexico), 2021 Bupa Match Play (Mexico), 2021 Sao Paulo Championship (Brazil), 2021 Brazil Open (Brazil), 2021 Ecuador Open (Ecuador), 2021 Dinners Club Peru Open (Peru), 2021 Colombia Open (Colombia) and 2021 Tour Championship (United States). 

There are currently over 300 golf courses in Argentina, and about 25 of them are ready to welcome world tourism. With this type of alliance, our country focuses on the luxury high purchasing power sector of tourism that year after year seeks rewarding experiences, just like the ones our country can offer.

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