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In order to strengthen golf tourism offers, Argentina is organising a golf tournament circuit in 10 Italian cities between April and November this year, allowing the country to promote all golf courses across Argentina and to strengthen the networking between Italian tour operators and Argentinian destinations.

The presentation of the circuit took place in the lecture room of the BIT Milan fair. It was introduced by the Executive Secretary of INPROTUR, Ricardo Sosa, accompanied by the Sport Tourism Advisor, Ariel Donatucci, Mauro Bernardini, Director of All Star Agency, and Attilio Zorzan, Administrator of the FSGP company. In addition, other prominent figures were also present, including authorities from the Argentinian Consulate in Milan, representatives of the Argentinian Embassy in Rome, Aerolíneas Argentinas, and leaders of golf tourism in Italy.

The Italian tourism agency All Star Agency is proposing a challenge called “Luxury Golf Trophy 2022 – Race to Argentina”. This agency, after establishing a historic agreement with INPROTUR, will promote Argentina’s Golf Tourism offer with a 10-date Golf Tour in different courses across Italy. The added value is that the winners will have the possibility of visiting some of the best golf courses in our country.

Sosa said, “It is an honour for us to be in Milan making this presentation. When we kickstarted the promotion of Argentina’s tourism products, we knew that golf had (and has) enormous potential due to everything the experience includes. Yet, we were also aware that we had to let the world know all the good things we could offer. Therefore, we are here to tell Italians and all tourists who wish to come to Argentina about it: with a golf experience, you can have an exceptional trip you will love”.

Donatucci assured, “We should celebrate and value that Argentina’s making a golf tour in Italy. In Argentina, golf is not only a sporting experience. It is about playing golf AND seeing Teatro Colón theatre, eating the best meat in the world, drinking an exquisite Malbec, or relaxing in the Río Hondo hot springs, among many other options”.

After the successful alliance with the el PGA Tour Latinoamérica, INPROTUR is now doubling it down and focusing on the promotion of the amateur segment in Europe, more precisely, in Italy. This important agreement with All Star Agency was introduced before more than 50 Italian tourism professionals on the second day of the BIT Milano 2022 fair.

“Luxury Golf Trophy 2022 – Race to Argentina” will begin on April 24th, at the Franciacorta Golf Club. The schedule will go on as follows:

May 7th: Circolo Golf Torino La Mandria.

May 22nd:  Bologna Golf Club.

May 28th: Modena Golf & Country Club.

June 4th: Golf Club Varese.

August 21st: Adriatic Golf Club Cervia.

September 24th: Molinetto Country Club.

October 1st: Circolo Golf Ugolino.

October 8th: Golf Club Paradiso del Garda.

October 15th: Golf Club Monticello.

The great National Final will take place on October 28th and 29th at Circolo del Golf in Roma.

In all the competitions, Argentina will have its own exclusive space on the golf course with excellent brand visibility and exhibition of national products. Each date will give the country the opportunity to position within the Italian and European top-of-the-line tourism, and it will also allow golf players and fans to get to know in depth the more than 300 Argentinian golf courses and all the great offers around them.

The winners of each tournament will participate in a grand final at a golf course in Argentina at the end of this year, and will also be the Transportador Oficial (Official Carrier) of the Aerolíneas Argentinas event.

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