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In a new event led by Executive Secretary Ricardo Sosa, INPROTUR coordinated joint actions with the national embassies in Sweden, Norway and Finland.

The National Bureau of Tourism Promotion (INPROTUR) keeps promoting Argentina intensively worldwide. Today, for the purpose of positioning our country’s tourism brand at the top level, this entity led an online meeting with the national embassies in Sweden, Norway and Finland.

Among other topics, the meeting focused on analyzing future actions, defining how to attract potential Nordic travelers and how to generate new joint proposals.

Besides the INPROTUR team, the meeting was attended by Argentine ambassador in Sweden María Clara Biglieri; Argentine ambassador in Norway Betina Pasquali de Fonseca, and head of Business Affairs of the Embassy in Finland Nicolás Villamil.

Ricardo Sosa, INPROTUR’s Executive Secretary, pointed out that “Our goal is to keep a steady international presence throughout the year. This type of meeting with the embassies will allow us to build a strong relationship with these markets and design appealing proposals so that travelers from these countries can visit us and find out what our proposal is”.

The priority of the Sweden, Norwegian and Finnish markets is nature-adventure tourism and wine tourism, as shown by the statistical studies carried out by INPROTUR. Additionally, a number of actions were arranged to hold meetings with SAS and FinnAir Airlines, as Argentina has no non-stop air connection with those countries, and to have talks tending to improve the prices of connecting flights to our country.

Another issue discussed at the meeting was wine. In this respect, Sosa pointed out that the Wine Tourism Marketing Plan is “a worldwide example and the result of a great challenge that the INPROTUR team is taking”.