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Along with @exploradorr,Visit Argentina enhances its innovative digital quality and offers its followers more wonderful contents about our country. Places that seem to be from another world, amazing corners and much more.

“As I go around, I explore all the incredible wonders of our country; I search and learn about what every different climate and terrain has to offer. I have always been attracted to lakes, forests and mountains; I can’t help feeling amazed by them”.

With this phrase that summarizes his wonderful job, @exploradorr joins a new release of Argentina Lovers, one of the many creative digital strategies developed by the National Bureau of Tourism Promotion (INPROTUR) on its Visit Argentina account on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Through his photographs, this new Argentina lover displays with stunning fidelity the immensity and the beauty of Argentine landscapes, mixed with accurate luminosity, and nature, a great ally of Argentine geography.

Endless Patagonian routes, sunsets by the Lácar Lake in San Martín de los Andes, the Piedra Parada Natural Protected Area in Chubut, the golden hour as part of a lifestyle in Mendoza… the explorer’s eye covers all possible sceneries. And the users’ eyes and post-pandemic travel dreams appreciate it.

Many image and photography experts have already joined our initiative. You can also become an Argentina Lover by sending your proposal to

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