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Sunrise and sunset in the northern province are the highlight of the new Visit Argentina release. Don Márqvez offers us a sightseeing tour of La Puna, the mountains and the hills in Jujuy. You can see it on our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts.

“Any type of climate is ideal in Salinas Grandes, its territory enhances the beauty of the sky and the faraway hills around it. Blessed be the blue hour and the Puna landscapes”, says Facundo Márquez, the star of the new Argentina Lovers’ release on @VisitArgentina social networks.

Today, Facundo, best known as Don Márqvez, an adventure photographer and visual artist born in the province of Jujuy, invites us to watch a display of landscapes of Jujuy such as Santa Ana, Valle de la Luna Cusi Cusi, Serranía del Zenta, Cerro Naranjo Tilcara, Seranía de Calilegua, Serranía del Hornocal and the above mentioned Salinas Grandes. He also includes a surprising picture of the Lanin National Park in the province of Neuquén.

“Photography was the ideal excuse to get in touch with nature and gradually develop a creative vision that I could show in these images”, says “Don”, who enjoys portraying natural environments, especially up in the mountains. On his social networks, we can see pictures of sunrises and sunsets taken nearly five thousand meters high, after several days of walks and adventures.

Facundo also gives photography courses and workshops for those who are willing to get into the world of landscapes and adventure. For the purpose of showing the experiences and stories found amid the comfort of panoramic views and the fear of heights, in this release Don Marqvez shows us the wonderful activities and the attractions that can be enjoyed in the north of Argentina, and invites adventurers to experience them on their own.

You can also show your photographic art and be the next Argentina Lovers’ star. Email us your initiative at and Visit Argentina will promote it.

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