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Such was the result of an Instagram survey conducted by Lonely Planet for its travelers’ community in Spain. Argentine natural sites keep gaining recognition among world tourists.

More than 114 thousand Instagram users participated in a macro survey conducted by renowned travel guide Lonely Planet for its Spain followers. Choosing among 16 Unquestionable Wonders–previously included in the book 101 wonders of the world- respondents ranked the Iguazú Falls in the third place.

As National Bureau of Tourism Promotion (INPROTUR)’s Executive Secretary Ricardo Sosa highlighted “No doubt this outcome makes the Argentine tourism sector very proud and encourages us to keep working hard to welcome world travelers back. We congratulate the people in Misiones and the “Litoral” region in Argentina for this new recognition to such true wonder as Iguazú”.

The Falls are made up of 275 spectacular water falls, the Devil’s Throat [Garganta del Diablo] being its supreme one. They are located inside the Iguazú National Park, 20 minutes away from the city of Puerto Iguazú, in the northeast area of the Province of Misiones, in the “Litoral” region.

All along its history, this area filled with nature, which welcomes more than 1.5 million tourists a year, has received countless distinctions. In 1984, it was declared a Natural Heritage Site by UNESCO and in 2011 it was chosen as one of the New Seven Natural Wonders of the World.

It is worth noting that the Spanish market has always been very important for the Argentine inbound tourism. In 2019 it was ranked seventh -first among European countries- in arrivals to our country, with over 215 thousand incoming tourists. And, as far as Iguazú is concerned, out of all Spanish travelers who flew to Argentina to spend a vacation, 38 per cent chose the renowned tourist center in Misiones.