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INPROTUR’s Executive Secretary Ricardo Sosa led a meeting with the Argentine-Chinese Chamber of Production, Industry and Commerce to offer Chinese tourists improvements in various institutional aspects, among other objectives.

With around 150 million tourists going abroad every year, the Chinese market offers great possibilities for inbound tourism in Argentina.

In pursuit of generating greater and better strategies to attract Chinese travelers, National Bureau of Tourism Promotion (INPROTUR)’s Executive Secretary Ricardo Sosa met with the Argentine-Chinese Chamber of Production, Industry and Commerce, led by Executive Director Alejandra Conconi.

“When the health conditions allow it, and thanks to its magnificent natural proposals, Argentina will be one of the major stars of future tourism. This is why working with the Chinese market will be critical: to let them know about the excellent alternatives that our country can offer, to live a safe and unforgettable experience,”, Sosa pointed out, and added that the work is being done following the guidelines outlined by Minister Matías Lammens.

At the meeting, attended also by Laura Veronesi from Vivaterra and Kevin Zhou from La Bandada International, various topics were addressed, such as analyzing the visa process with Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA).

Another topic discussed was strengthening the Country Brand to generate actions aimed at promoting and giving visibility to the products and destinations that make up the Argentine tourism proposal.

Offering the required infrastructure and the most important services – food, payment platforms, command of the language- adapted to the Chinese market was another item on the agenda. In this respect, Sosa highlighted the work that can be done with the Argentine Agency of Investment and International Trade.

Air connectivity was yet another topic discussed at the meeting. Even though there are currently no direct flights between the two countries, connectivity improvements, along with greater price competitiveness, are areas under analysis. It is worth noting that 73 per cent of Chinese tourists arrive in our country by plane.

Communication is a key aspect. This is why the work of tour guides will be the main point to be discussed along with the different provinces.

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