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In line with Argentina’s border reopening, American Airlines, one of the major United States airlines, confirmed that they will be operating the total number of flights they had before the pandemic as of November 1st. The flights will be from Dallas, New York, and Miami to Argentina, and there will be many available seats for North American tourists.

This announcement was made after the meeting held in the USA among the INPROTUR’s Executive Secretary, Ricardo Sosa, Haydee Blanco, American Airlines’ Regional Director for the United States, Latin American, Central America, Guyana, and Surinam, and Duncan Paterson, Argentina and Uruguay Sales Manager. The INPROTUR’s Director of Tourism Promotion, Hernan Vanoli, joined Sosa, with members of the air-commercial development technical team.

Therefore, American Airlines will operate four daily flights: two from Miami, one from Dallas-Fort Worth, and one from New York to Ezeiza International Airport. According to what the American authorities informed Sosa, every destination will have the same number of seats and frequencies they had before the pandemic. This shows the airline’s commitment due to Argentina’s excellent sanitary and institutional situation and the decision to work steadily on inbound tourism to our country.

Sosa stated that, during the meeting, “details of the frequencies were provided. We have agreed on the forthright view of working towards fostering the arrival of North Americans to Argentina. We understand that, apart from the flights, the important domestic connection network American has in the USA will enable Argentina’s presence to become more extensive for internal destinations, strengthening the possibility of increasing the number of tourists there was before the pandemic.”

Sosa added that the meeting in the USA “is part of the management work we are doing as per the strategy implemented by the Minister of Tourism and Sports of Argentina, Matías Lammens. With this, we want first to ensure we have the same number of flights as we did before the pandemic and increase routes and frequencies. In the case of American, we have come to an agreement to get back 100% of flights from these three destinations. This airline is highly interested in supporting Argentina’s international tourism reactivation, and our presence in this northern country confirms their and our commitment.”

Sosa added, “Argentina’s border reopening to the world strengthens tourism reactivation and confirms what we have been working on: airlines’ support, tour operators’ expectations to sell our country, and tourists’ desire to travel to Argentina once the sanitary situation allows it. Today we are standing at the door of this world reopening. So, the INPROTUR, as Argentina’s private and public sectors’ representative, is working on different markets, strengthening and showing the commitment on international touristic activity recovery”.

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