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INPROTUR’s Executive Secretary, Ricardo Sosa, met Air Europa’s Manager, Gonzalo Romero, in Brazil. They confirmed the airline is reinitiating flights in the Madrid –Córdoba air lane, with a stop in Asunción, as of February 2022.

The meeting was held in the context of the Panrotas Forum, which gathers Brazilian tourism industry leaders and in which Argentina was the only invited country. In that event, the Argentine authority presented the details of the border reopening and the recovery of air-commercial frequencies, and he established the required network with the main figures of the tourism commercialisation chain.

In addition, during the meeting with Air Europa’s representative, it was highlighted that the airline will resume its operations on this first stage with four weekly flights, expecting to increase the number to five by March 2022 thanks to the new aircraft the company is soon receiving.

According to the information obtained, there is significant demand. Moreover, it is estimated that the number of frequencies before the pandemic can be recovered during 2022, showing the sector’s rapid reactivation.

Ricardo Sosa added, “We know that these kinds of strategic decisions go hand in hand with the efforts we’ve been making in Argentina to reactivate international inbound tourism. Our participation in the Panrotas Forum is yielding highly positive results due to the clear and precise information we are providing and the receptivity we have among tour operators, travel agencies, airlines, and sector’s representative entities.” Regarding the Air Europa meeting, he said, “This airline has a great interest in Argentina, which is proven with the decision to schedule flights. That’s why we will continue working on this line, following the guidelines of our Minister of Tourism and Sports, Matías Lammens, to improve the international air connections and meet the ongoing challenge of recovering and increasing pre-pandemic levels as soon as possible. We are sure about our country’s potential as an international tourist destination. The decisions taken by Air Europa show how reliable Argentina is in this air-commercial field.”

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