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National Bureau of Tourism Promotion (Inprotur)’s Executive Secretary Ricardo Sosa met with representatives of the Meetings Tourism Economic Observatory formed by Inprotur, the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) and the Argentine Association of Organizers and Suppliers of Exhibitions, Congresses, Events and Convention Bureaux (AOCA) to define interesting methodology changes for the statistical validation of meetings tourism events nationwide, which will benefit the provinces that make up the so-called “Country Team” and which often co-operate to measure the economic impact of congresses, conventions and fairs.

The meeting was attended by Fernando Gorbarán, President of the Argentine Association of Organizers and Suppliers of Exhibitions, Congresses, Events and Convention Bureaux (AOCA), its executive director Matías Sket, Inprotur’s Product Director Pablo Sismanian and representatives of the UBA Observatory Pablo Singerman and Camilo Makon

At the meeting, a number of proposals for methodology changes were discussed, based on the analysis of the work done lately, with suggestions from the various provinces, as well as a new organization based on international trends regarding measuring and validating data of meetings events.

Some improvements were introduced in the classification of meetings per category and in the identification of meetings based on the type and venue rotation scheme; in addition, a new definition of meetings under the scope of the Observatory as regards length, number of attendees and rate of visitors was established, as well as a new methodology for entering data and requirements for validating events. Also, a schedule was set for providing online training sessions on these topics as from May 2021 and for organizing the Regional Meetings in a face-to-face format, in all the regions of the country.

Executive Secretary Ricardo Sosa pointed out that the ongoing work done by the Meetings Tourism Observatory “made it possible to consolidate the Country Team throughout our national territory and that, based on the experience of the work done in the last years, a number of trends, proposals and experiences are analyzed on a regular basis for the purpose of introducing changes to enhance the efficiency of the sector and thus provide better results, such as those Argentina accomplished when it became the most important Congress organizer in Latin America, according to the ranking of the International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA)”

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