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INPROTUR and the Argentine Chamber of Tourism (CAT) gave a press conference in the Ministry of Tourism and Sports. In such encounter, they introduced the business meetings, called Visit Argentina Connect this year, taking place on December 6th and 7th during the International Tourism Fair (FIT) with important news, such as the arrival of 70 international hosted buyers.

The INPROTUR’s Executive Secretary, Ricardo Sosa, and the CAT’s President, Gustavo Hani, took part in the press conference. In addition, destination representatives and members of the Argentine Chamber of Tourism were also present.

Sosa specified that “Seventy hosted buyers from more than ten countries will attend, including Brazil, the United States, Colombia, Chile, Perú, Paraguay, Bolivia, Uruguay, Spain, and Ecuador, among others. The business meetings will make pre-scheduled appointments easier. There are about 30 meetings for each local supplier, aimed at wholesale tour operators, travel agencies, upmarket, incentive, corporate, cruise ship, language exchange, and road transport operators, and groups.”

Regarding the actual tourism situation in Argentina, Ricardo Sosa claimed, “The national government made a great work on the vaccination programme, and that allowed for a sanitary protocol relaxation process, permitting the border reopening. In such a context, we can reactivate Argentina’s tourism sector. We have been working in parallel with the minister in different parts of the world to make this reactivation successful.”

Sosa added, “With all these efforts, we have managed to get airline frequencies at almost the same pre-pandemic levels. Some airlines have never operated flights to our country, and today, they are requesting routes to fly to Argentina. This represents the national government’s work to recover the tourism sector in our country.”

Concerning Visit Argentina Connect Business Meetings, the INPROTUR’s Executive Secretary remarked, “These business meetings will strengthen the commercialisation for public and private sectors. They have all together started to recover from the pandemic, and tourism is taking off with, for example, the successful Pre Viaje programme.”

Gustavo Hani claimed, “The FIT will be a historical event due to the situation we are going through. We have already sold 95% of the places, and there are still 20 days to keep on enrolling attendees. Forty countries and all provinces of Argentina have confirmed their participation. Tourism is the sector that will reactivate the country. More than 300 people from Latin America have already registered for Visit Argentina Connect business meetings.”

In addition, Hani announced that the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, Matías Lammens, confirmed in a recent meeting that the Pre Viaje budget was renewed. Thus, all provinces can benefit from it.

Uruguay will be the guest country in the FIT, taking place in La Rural from December 4th to 7th. For more information on Visit Argentina Connect, follow the link


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