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400K THANKS!!!

Effort, perseverance and a clearly defined strategy implemented by INPROTUR enabled Visit Argentina to reach 400 thousand followers on its Instagram account. But that’s not all: now we go for more!

The National Bureau of Tourism Promotion (INPROTUR) celebrates having reached 400 thousand followers on its Visit Argentina Instagram account. This is the result of a content development and enhancement process which has allowed us to implement a strategy to give our followers the chance to travel through their mobiles and discover every corner of our country.

From live videos with celebrities and influencers in the middle of the Covid pandemic to the recognition of content creators from all over the world who are in love with Argentina, INPROTUR’s clearly-defined strategy has made it possible to reach this historical milestone which has no limits and promises to keep growing more and more. 

No doubt in the last year and a half, Visit Argentina has gained momentum on Instagram and the rest of the social networks with innovative ideas that have raised interest among the users who day after day check what’s new in our country. Below are some of the great hits we have successfully launched throughout this time:

Argentina Travel Talks: live videos with local and foreign celebrities where each of them recalls their experiences in our country and interacts with followers.

Argentina Lovers: here we invite content creators to share part of their material about Argentina on our networks. Thus, we not only show the quality of the guest’s photographic work but also tell the world about some of the many pictures that can be shot in our country.

Local Stories: this action is intended to tell legends and memories of Argentinians in various places of our territory. They are profound stories that motive world travelers to come and live the same experiences.

Travel from home: a symbol of the digital promotion of the latest times. As the pandemic has made it impossible to travel, Visit Argentina launched an innovative proposal to imagine and dream about an experience in Argentina.

Argentina Espera: by means of an innovative and appealing spot, we tell our community that we are ready to give world tourists the best possible welcome once the sanitary conditions allow it.

Watch our celebration spot here.

Nicolas Fresco

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