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A new program launched by INPROTUR with the co-operation of AOCA will provide training to the private and public sectors for the purpose of further supporting and promoting the industry and sustaining the country’s international position in the MICE sector, which led Argentina to become number one in the 2020 Latin America ICCA Ranking.

The new initiative of the National Bureau of Tourism Promotion, with the co-operation of the Argentine Association of Organizers and Suppliers of Exhibitions, Congresses, Events and Convention Bureaus, called “Re Meet”, is intended to train the Tourism and Convention Bureaux Official Entities in Argentinawith useful tools to apply to events organized by Universities and Professional Associations worldwide. The program started on January 14 and 15.

Till May, training sessions and workshops will be held remotely, for the purpose of introducing five technical programs that make up the “Re Meet” Program for the Reactivation of Meetings Tourism. The sessions will address the following topics: Awareness in Protocol Management, Hybrid Event Training, Trends and Institutional Organization, Participation in regional events and Management of event venue cities.

Another objective of the project is the federalization of the regions that make up the country, seeking to show the most solid tools and opportunities available to each of the participants. It will include more than 70 seminars and workshops to be held in the six regions of the country. The invitation is extended to all professionals in the public and private sector of Argentina who want to acquire this knowledge and contribute to the local development of the destinations, and will be optimized by the applications.

More than 100 professional associations and universities will take part in the program, and the purpose will be to make them aware of the importance of holding their events in a face-to-face or hybrid format. At the same time, it will seek to carry out joint work in pursuit of building a paradigm on the economic, social and professional development that its meetings generate.

In the latest ICCA Ranking, Argentina was rated the number one destination in Latin America for the first time in history, one position above Brazil. Our country hosted 214 international congresses and 18% of the meetings in Latin America were held in Argentina. In addition, the City of Buenos Aires accounts for 127 of those events, and is thus ranked the number one destination in the Americas for the eleventh consecutive year, and ranked 11th worldwide, above cities such as Bangkok, Amsterdam, Dublin, Rome, Sydney, among others. Buenos Aires positioning makes it possible to encourage the organization of international events and be the gateway for the rest of the country to hold other congresses and conferences.

For further information, visit the program website or send your inquiry to the email addresses especially designed for the project, where you will find the schedule and the links to register for each of the above-mentioned programs and the rest of the seminars to be held online, as the case may be.