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For the purpose of further enhancing its well-known proposals, in the first week of July, INPROTUR and various local destinations participated in a thermal tourism webinar organized by the Wellness Tourism Association (WTA).

“The event included an overall introduction of our country and later the speakers appointed by the provinces of Salta, Mendoza, Santiago del Estero, Entre Ríos, Neuquén and Jujuy discussed Argentina’s wellness proposals with a view to attracting international tourism”, explained National Bureau of Tourism Promotion (INPROTUR)’s Executive Secretary Ricardo Sosa.

Entre Ríos showed a tour around its 14 thermal cities, 16 thermal resorts and more than 125 pools distributed in 5 circuits throughout the province, totaling 35,000 authorized hotel facilities.

The Province of Salta shared with the audience details about one of its best options: Rosario de la Frontera hot springs, which are located a two-hour ride from the City of Salta and, being 770 meters above sea level, display an attractive rich landscape with exuberant vegetation.

Following the line of the Northern region of our country, Jujuy showed two amazing circuits: Termas de Reyes, a classic in the province, and Termas del Rio Jordán, a new destination that the province is promoting, located in a purely natural environment.

To complete the northernmost area of our country, a key symbol of thermal tourism is the Province of Santiago del Estero, specifically, Termas de Río Hondo, the destination with the largest number of thermal wells in Latin America. There are at least 200 facilities that offer accommodation, with over 14,500 guest spaces for a range of different budgets. Finally, other aspects that were highlighted were the properties of the thermal waters and the possibilities of enjoying up to a whole week by combining tours around the City of Santiago del Estero –the oldest in Argentina-, visits to the International Race Track [Autódromo Internacional] and golf practice, among other alternatives.

In the Cuyo region, Mendoza introduced the Cacheuta hot springs, facing the majestic Andes Mountains, and showed various accommodation proposals such as those in the Uco Valley, recognized worldwide for the quality of its wines.

And in the mythical Patagonia, the Province of Neuquén displayed three natural thermal resorts located between mountains, such as Domuyo, Copahue and Lahuen Co hot springs, highly valued for the quality of their waters and muds, which favor a wide range of therapeutic treatments.

Argentina is ready to welcome world tourists back -once the health conditions allow it- and offer them a destination where they can connect mind, body and spirit with nature.

Nicolas Fresco

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