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Today our country joined the list of international destinations that obtained the Safe Travels Stamp, granted by the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) for compliance with the global hygiene and sanitization protocols that will contribute to regaining the confidence of world travelers.

Argentina is a safe destination for world tourism. The WTTC, a private global travel and tourism entity, has awarded our country the “Safe Travels stamp”, intended to contribute to a responsible and safe reopening of tourism.

The stamp was formally awarded today in a virtual meeting led by Matías Lammens, Minister of Tourism and Sports of Argentina.

Also present were Ricardo Sosa, Executive Secretary of the National Bureau of Tourism Promotion (INPROTUR); Gloria Guevara Manzo, WTTC President and CEO; Claudia Grynszspan, President of the Federal Council of Tourism (CFT); María Inés Albergucci, the Undersecretary of Quality, Accessibility and Sustainability of the Ministry of Tourism and Sports of Argentina, and Aldo Elías, President of the Argentine Chamber of Tourism (CAT).

“We celebrate the WTTC initiative to provide tourists from all over the world with a travel experience focused on safety and quality of service throughout the value chain. The more than 10 protocols developed by Argentina for the tourism industry are proof of the articulated work between the private and the public, as well as the academic, sectors. Now, the WTTC’s Safe Travels stamp reinforces the message we want to convey: Argentina is open to business and ready to welcome travelers from all over the world”, said Lammens.  

The stamp was awarded to INPROTUR and, it being a national public entity, the distinction becomes one for the entire country.

In this respect, Sosa remarked: “The award of the stamp is proof of a number of efforts made by this entity as well as in coordination with various business leaders from Argentina and abroad, and in direct co-operation with the Argentine provinces, to further position our country as a leading destination in South America”.

“We at INPROTUR have increased our joint  work with the CFT and the CAT to award the Safe Travels Stamp to Argentine destinations and companies which are being developed and promoted in a responsible way”, Sosa added, in connection with INPROTUR’s power to award the distinction to any provinces, destinations and companies whose tourism development is in line with the protocols developed by the Ministry of Tourism and Sports of Argentina, along with the Argentine Department of Quality Tourism (ICTA), the CAT and the CFT which, in turn, are in line with the WTTC global protocols.

Argentina has Health Protocols translated into different languages, available at the INPROTUR content Hub

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